Lemonart ETSY Shop has re-opened!

While off work from the day job today I am motivated to get to work on Lemonart and all my art work ideas that i have bubbling away in my little head. It's a small start but I have even re-opened my Etsy shop, i realise that the best way to make these things work and work well is marketing and in this day and age of social networking, it should be much easier to do to spread the word. Here's a little link to my first Etsy posting, showcasing a pair of Lemonart City Map Earrings.
Hope you like!

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Where does the time go???

Well I'm ashamed to admit its been quite a while since I last made a post on this Lemonart blog if mine. But this is the battle for many designer/makers, struggling to find the time to create if your working a regular day job to support your making. Anyway enough of my complaining about it as I know I'm not alone in this, too much to do, such little time etc etc. So what have I been up to all this?
One off pieces for customer commissions have been coming through steadily which i love working on due to the personal aspect and sentiment of many of my pieces. Will post photos of some pieces later. In other news, which is pretty exciting for me, Lemonart is in a book! A real live book with pictures and words and everything! Its for Central Station - The creative community you'll have known from me harking about it in previous posts. Well the lovely folks at Central Station thought i deserved to be put in a book, with lots of other fantastic artsy kind, to celebrate their 1 year existence.
Find out more at www.wearecentralststion.com . Photos will folloW, but in the meantime don't let that stop you from purchasing your own copy!
I've also got a bigger studio space which has allowed me to get back to larger scale work, a chance to work out ideas for exhibition pieces I've had for months.
But I will show you the progress of all Lemonart goings on in good time, but for now I'm off to sleep as I'm working in the morning!

Next Lemonart selling event!

Join the gals at Made In The Shade, along with a fantastic host of
designers, crafters and lovers of vintage! The event is free so pop on
by and take a gander at some fantastic handmade goodies!!